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If you're in a position of influence, you know

Leadership is challenging and hard.

Leading in the spiritual realm is often lonely, isolating, and full of tough questions. Where do you turn when you feel unfulfilled in your work, frustrated in your home life, or unclear about your next step?

Put simply, who mentors the mentors? 

That's our cue.

The Conversation Group helps you navigate these challenges through mentoring, collaborative design, and friendship, so you can be more effective in your ministry or profession. We hold the conversation, reflect on your reality, and help you design strategic pathways forward. 

Each session is personalized to you and your needs, not a cookie-cutter program. In a Conversation Group session, you can expect us to:


  • Listen for understanding

  • Ask questions for clarity

  • Provide tools and actions for change

We don't exist to give you all the answers, but rather to ask insightful questions and provide a listening ear as a catalyst for personal and organizational growth.



Our approach is inspired by two biblical models: Jesus and Barnabas. Jesus took just twelve into His inner circle to mentor them for a life of service and engaging them in deep conversation. Barnabas, known as the "son of encouragement," delighted in mentoring Paul the Apostle and helping early Christians remain true to the Lord in both word and deed. 

In their own ministry experiences, founders Scott and Kim Lambert observed that oftentimes leaders don’t feel they have the resources to contact a coach or consultant, so they developed a unique model to address this need: Generous and passionate donors have invested financially so that your first three sessions are free of charge, and subsequent sessions are offered at an affordable, agreed upon price. We are honored to serve you with a group of supporters who are fully behind the vision of mentored leaders, transformed lives

Meet Your Conversation Partners

Get to know the people that drive our work.


Scott Lambert

Scott serves as the lead “Conversationalist" for TCG. If you know him, this is no surprise! Scott is gifted in the art of mentoring, coaching, and leadership assessment. For as long as he can remember, he's always wanted to make himself useful and available to God, a desire that's led to a diverse career in professional ministry. Throughout this adventure, he's had many, many conversations—some easy, some difficult—and seen the power of an authentic conversation to transform lives. Today, he spends his time creating space for impactful conversations with TCG.


Kim Lambert

Kim serves as the full time administrator and part time conversationalist for TCG.  If you know her, you know making sure the trains run on time is where she thrives! Kim brings years of experience in nonprofit management, leadership, coordination, and organization to the table. In particular, she has a passion and skill for developing people and teams for greater service through special projects, fundraising, communication strategies, leadership training, event planning and more.


Mark and Jill Brazle

Husband and wife duo Mark and Jill are seasoned local church ministers, former missionaries to Belgium, and missionary care specialists with hearts for serving the people of God's kingdom. As certified Prepare Enrich Facilitators, they have been working with this tool to prepare couples for marriage and enrich marriages for over 25 years. They are also certified in Grip-Birkman, a spiritual gifts and behavioral assessment tool that provides practical insights for individuals, teams, and organizations. They bring listening ears, open hearts, and thoughtful tools for change to each conversation.

40+ Years of Conversation

York College



Kairos Church Planting



The Conversation Group


Pepperdine Campus Ministry



Hilltop Church


Let's Start Talking



So, what do you say—is it time to start the conversation?

Learn more about the different conversation types we offer and reach out today.

We can't wait to hear your story.


Scott has been a valuable resource for my ministry for years and his continued guidance has helped me stay healthy in ministry. Scott really cared about what was going on in my life and was invested in helping find solutions. I would recommend working with Scott to anyone who is feeling burned out or stuck in a hopeless situation. He is a great source of Godly encouragement and wisdom that comes from decades in ministry. His passion is clearly to help the kingdom grow and he uses his experience and discernment to build up those who are in the tough seasons that ministry brings. Scott really cared about what was going on and was invested in helping find solutions.

–Brendin Williamson, youth minister

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